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Lempuyang Temple & East Bali Tour

Price 1 : USD 50/Person (Minimum 2 People)
Price 2 : USD 70/Person (With Blue Lagoon Snorkelling)

Departure : 07:30 AM (Approx 12 hours)

Embark on a captivating journey through Bali’s coastal beauty and cultural treasures. Explore pristine underwater realms, serene beaches, historic water palaces, and iconic temples:

  1. Blue Lagoon Snorkeling: Begin your day with an underwater adventure at Blue Lagoon. Dive into the crystal-clear waters and discover a vibrant world of coral reefs, exotic fish, and marine life.
  2. Virgin Beach: After snorkeling, relax on the unspoiled shores of Virgin Beach. Enjoy the tranquility and soft sands of this hidden gem, far from the crowds.
  3. Taman Ujung Water Palace: Immerse yourself in the historical grandeur of Taman Ujung, also known as the Water Palace. Explore its picturesque gardens, tranquil ponds, and elegant architecture, reflecting Bali’s royal past.
  4. Tirta Gangga: Continue your journey to Tirta Gangga, another enchanting water palace. Marvel at its intricate fountains, serene pools, and lush greenery, all set against a backdrop of sacred Mount Agung.
  5. Lunch: Savor a delicious Balinese lunch at a local eatery. Sample authentic flavors and refuel for the rest of your adventure.
  6. Lempuyang Temple: Conclude your day with a visit to the iconic Lempuyang Temple, known for its stunning “Gates of Heaven” and panoramic views of Mount Agung. Experience the spiritual atmosphere and capture breathtaking photos.

Inclusions :

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to all attractions
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Mineral water and refreshments

Recommendations :

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a camera
  • Respect local customs, especially when visiting temples

Discover Bali’s Rich Tapestry :
Journey through the vibrant artistry, ancient temples, and breathtaking natural landscapes of Bali. This curated tour promises a deep dive into the island’s cultural heartbeat and scenic wonders. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon and evening in Bali’s heartland!

This thoughtfully crafted tour offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and relaxation, ensuring you leave with lasting memories of Bali’s coastal and cultural wonders. Join us for an enriching journey through this remarkable island.

The East Bali tour is for you to see unique aspects of Balinese local society and visit what are still unexploited Bali tourist destinations. At our first stop you can enjoy an underwater panorama while snorkelling for 2 hours with a boat at Blue Lagoon. You then enjoy Lunch at a restaurant overlooking the sea. The trip continues on to Virgin Beach where you can immerse yourself in the crystal-clear water, soft sand and enjoy a lesser number of tourists.

Next visit is to Taman Ujung Water Palace, built by the King of Karangasem as a gift for the Empress. One of the highlights of this tour is visiting Lempuyang Temple (also known as Gates of Heaven Bali) with its unique view. Amazing spot to take pictures standing at the magnificent Gates of Heaven with Mount Agung in the background. The last stop is at Tirta Ganga, a former royal place with a really beautiful water garden. We then return to your hotel

Lempuyang Temple & East Bali Tour


US$ 50/Person (Minimum 2 People)

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