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Exclusive Half Day Tour

Departure : 02.30 PM  (Approx 7 Hours)

US$ 40/Person (All Included)

Prepare for a day filled with beauty, culture, and culinary delights as you embark on a journey through some of Bali’s most captivating attractions:

  1. Padang Padang Beach: A hidden gem on Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, known for its pristine cove, world-class surf breaks, and natural beauty that has charmed both surfers and beachgoers
  2. Uluwatu Sunset: Witness one of Bali’s most breathtaking sunsets at Uluwatu Temple. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, this ancient temple offers panoramic views as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues.
  3. Kecak Fire Dance: Experience the enchanting Kecak Fire Dance at Uluwatu Temple. This mesmerizing traditional performance, set against the backdrop of the temple and the sea, tells the epic story of Ramayana through music, dance, and fire.
  4. Jimbaran Seafood Dinner: After the cultural spectacle, head to Jimbaran Bay for a sumptuous seafood feast. Enjoy freshly grilled seafood, including prawns, fish, and squid, served right on the beach under the stars.

Inclusions :

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Professional English-speaking guide
  • Entrance fees to all attractions
  • Dinner at a local restaurant
  • Mineral water and refreshments

Recommendations :

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Bring a hat, sunscreen, and a camera
  • Respect local customs, especially when visiting temples

Discover Bali’s Rich Tapestry :
Journey through the vibrant artistry, ancient temples, and breathtaking natural landscapes of Bali. This curated tour promises a deep dive into the island’s cultural heartbeat and scenic wonders. Join us for an unforgettable afternoon and evening in Bali’s heartland!

This tour promises a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural enrichment, and culinary indulgence, ensuring an unforgettable Bali experience. Join us for a day that will tantalize your senses and leave you with lasting memories of this tropical paradise.

We will visit Padang Padang Beach or Dreamland Beach two of Bali’s truly beautiful beaches (white sand, crystal clear water, great waves for surfing, amazing scenery). Then we drive up to the famous Uluwatu Temple (Balinese Hindu Sea Temple) which is set on the edge of a cliff 70 metres above the water.

Following the cliff path to the Temple, you are surrounded by monkeys and you can enjoy watching the spectacular afternoon sunset. You will then attend Bali’s unforgettable Kecak and Fire Dance which is a traditional Balinese dance and rhythmic chant describing the story of Ramayana. Last stop is to enjoy a Seafood dinner in Jimbaran (known for its excellent seafood dishes).

Exclusive Half Day Tour


US$ 40/Person (All Included)

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