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Judy M
Judy M
Great car and driver for day trip I hired a car and driver for the day. My driver, Putu, spoke excellent English and was a very good driver. The day had been planned in the south-east around the things I particularly wanted to see as I have been here many times before. Very good timing, not at all rushed, and I learned a lot, both about the sights and Balinese life. I will definitely travel with Putu again.
Patricia D
Patricia D
Bali Looking Tours with Mr. Melon Our trip to Bali was unforgettable. Our tour guide, Mr. Melon, was knowledgeable about what to do and where to go, including behind-the-scenes demonstrations of Balinese art, dance, music, ceremonies and of course, food. Mr. Melon spoke perfect English and shared information about Balinese culture, history, family structure and religious traditions. Mr. Melon is a skilled and safe driver and took us to many beautiful places…and not just your usual “Instagram” sites…but also to more remote and “hidden gems.” Our favorite tours included a multi-day stay at the artsy town of Ubud, white water rafting, snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon, and of course lunch in Rendang, overlooking the panoramic vista of the rice fields and the Agung volcano. (And did I mention that Mr. Melon is a skilled artist himself and shared some of his original artwork with us on our last night there?) I highly recommend Bali Looking Tours and Mr. Melon.
Appreciate this place I'm giving a review of this place to express my appreciation for the guides who are very friendly and very helpful, thankfully
Bali is amazing for Indonesia When we hear the word Bali, of course we know that Bali is a very beautiful archipelago in Indonesia, therefore my friend and I visited there yesterday to see the beauty of Bali and wow, it is incredibly beautiful.
Pengalaman ke bali bersama pasangan Pelayanan nya oke banyak bonusnya. Tour guide nya juga ramah. Terimakasih bali looking tour insyallah menggunakan layanan nya kembali.
Recommended Ini kali kedua saya bercuti dengan tempahan tour Bali, setakat ini tidak pernah mengecewakan. Sangat disyorkan jika anda ingin bercuti di Pulau Dewata
Bali experience I started my trip to Bali last September with Bali looking tour, I think this is the best travel agency I have found
Reno meilita hidayah
Reno meilita hidayah
Great The agency's responsabile (Mr. Melon) is very available and the guide (Mr. Putu) is very funny and available too. I suggest to contact them to have a good tour organizer for visit Bali
Jared S
Jared S
Best Driver in Bali!!! From start to finish, every trip we took with Melon (5 total) was first class! Super knowledgeable, a great driver and just a wonderful man all the way around. He made great recommendations, took us to incredible spots, and gave us tons of info / history along the way! Whether it’s a jungle trek, or even something as simple as an airport transfer, Melon in the man for the job!!!
Excellent service and good value for money at Bali Amazing experience with Melon. He is professional and very friendly. Good value for money. He is very kind and good with people.

Dear Amazing Visitors

Greetings from BALI LOOKING TOURS!

Delighted to welcome you to Bali – an island of endless enchantment and wonder. Dive into its allure with us.

As you set foot on this paradise, our tours promise not just sightseeing, but soul-touching experiences. Every twist and turn introduces you to a tapestry of rich Balinese culture and breathtaking vistas. Every moment with us is a step closer to forging memories that you’d cherish for a lifetime.

Our offerings at a glance:

  • Airport Pick-up: Begin your journey with a warm reception.
  • Hotel Transfer: Seamless transitions to your serene stay.
  • TAXI SERVICES: Ride with ease, anytime, anywhere.
  • PERSONAL TOURS: Curated just for you, catered to your interests.
  • PRIVATE TOURS: Exclusive excursions for undisturbed experiences.
  • TOUR PACKAGES: Handpicked itineraries ensuring a wholesome experience.
  • DAILY TOURS: Dive into daily doses of Bali’s magic.
  • CAR CHARTER: Flexibility at its finest for your explorations.

Let’s embark on an unforgettable journey together. Experience Bali, the BALI LOOKING TOURS way.

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